Fort Worth Car Insurance

Free Car Insurance Quote

If you have seen them once, you have seen them thousands of times – commercials on TV and online, in magazines and newspapers that promise cheap car insurance with just a click of the mouse. But who answers the phone when you have a question about your policy? And exactly what is covered if your vehicle is damaged by hail?

When you call Texas American Insurers for a free car insurance quote, we will make sure you understand the answers to those questions and more. Our independent agency works with many insurance companies, so we are in a good position to help you compare rates, as well as quality. Simply contact our Fort Worth office and speak with an agent for an explanation of coverage options.

Comprehensive and Collision—Are You Covered?

Did you know that low-cost insurance may not cover repairs if your car or truck is damaged in a hailstorm? To qualify for the lowest rate, you may unknowingly overlook comprehensive insurance, which pays when your car is damaged by things other than a crash, such as theft, vandalism, hitting a deer and severe storms.

Motorcycles, ATVs and More: Insurance for All Your Wheels

We have been insuring vehicles in Texas since 1950, and we understand how important it is to have the right protection every time you’re behind the wheel. Do you need collision? Is the state-required minimum of property and bodily injury liability protection enough for your family? What is adequate when it comes to the risk of an accident involving uninsured or underinsured motorists? We will help you answer those questions, with your best interests in mind.

We can also help you protect other motorized vehicles you may own:

  • ATVs and RVs
  • Motorcycles and dirt bikes
  • Boats and jet skis
  • Company cars and other commercial vehicles

We reward referrals! Receive a $25 gift card from Texas American Insurers when you refer a qualified friend or relative for car or home insurance. We rely on satisfied customers to spread the word.

Save Money with Good Driver, Good Student & Multi-Policy Discounts

One reason our customers remain loyal to Texas American Insurers for decades is that we seek insurance discounts that apply to their unique situations. For example, multi-policy discounts can lower your premiums on additional coverage you may have, such as home insurance and umbrella insurance. Your teen driver may qualify for a good student discount, or your driving record may translate into additional discounts as well.

It is to your advantage that our independent agency represents many insurance companies since they all weigh certain factors differently when calculating premiums. If you have a good credit rating or drive infrequently in a year, for example, it will benefit you to have our agents seek quotes from providers that put more emphasis on those factors when determining a car insurance rate.

Count on Texas American for Car Insurance

Contact our agency today for a free auto insurance quote from multiple reputable insurance companies so you can compare and choose the policy that’s right for you.


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